Office of the College Secretary

The College Secretary serves as the registrar of the college. As such, the College Secretary is the principal admissions officer of the unit. She/He has custody over all student records and keeps and maintains records of proposed and approved curricula and related matters. The College Secretary is also the secretary of the College Faculty.

The College Secretary shall be responsible for:

Admission and implementation of admission requirements;
Preparation of the college calendar and schedule for classes;
Custody and evaluation of student records;
The updating of information relative to requirements of individual candidates for graduation and seeing that such requirements are fulfilled;
Keep and maintain records of curricula, research, extension, and other academic matters; monitor their implementation and advice the Dean thereon;
Serve as the secretary of the college faculty; issue notices of college faculty meetings and keep the minutes and record thereon;
Help execute decision of committees of the College and of the University authorities affecting students; and
Perform other functions pertaining to the Office of the College Secretary, or assigned by the Dean.

The duties of the Secretary in relation to the college student body shall be:

To inform students during registration of their schedule, curricula, and other matter;
To help execute decisions of committee of the college or school and of University authorities affecting students; and
To ensure that requirements for graduation are fulfilled.