Continuing Education & Community Services Program

As its very name implies, the Continuing Education and Community Services Program (CECSP) takes care of the third of a triad of formal functions of a UP faculty. Much like the other two Programs, its Head is selected by the faculty among themselves and is ultimately recommended for appointment by the Dean. The core members of this program are faculty members who voluntarily choose to participate in its numerous continuing education and community activities.
Specifically, the CECSP serve the following functions:
1. Design and implement continuing education programs for nurse practitioners, educators, administrators and researchers;
2. In cooperation with requesting agencies, design and help implement in-service training programs for nurses;
3. Design, implement and coordinate community service projects of the faculty;
4.  Serve as a clearing house for continuing education and community service activities of the faculty; and
5. Formulate implementing guidelines or policies pertaining to continuing education and community service activities of the faculty.
The CECSP has several available continuing education program. Special packages for seminars/workshops/lecture series may be designed and developed upon request.
1. Competency-based framework in curricular design
2. Teaching Competencies for the faculty in the BSN curriculum
3. The nursing process series
4. Clinical teaching and related learning experiences
5. Health promotion and wellness
6. Patient and family education
7. Client assessment series: pediatric and adult
8. Adult health nursing: chronic care and critical care
9. Electrocardiogram: guide for assessment and interventions
10. Cancer care
11. Care of the older persons
12. Caring: the essence of nursing
13. Maternal and child care
14. Genetics for nurses
15. Perinatology for nurses
16. Integrated management of childhood illness
17. Mental health and psychiatric nursing
18. Women’s health
19. Psychosocial nursing sills and strategies
20. Training course for community health nursing
21. The research process series
22. Evidence-based nursing
23. Quality assurance
24. Strategic planning for schools and colleges of nursing
25. Transcultural nursing