Teaching Program

The Teaching Program is responsible for the implementation of the BSN and MA (Nursing), both residential and distance education modes, and the PhD (Nursing) programs. While the undergraduate program (BSN) prepares students who can render safe primary nursing practice in either the hospital or in the community as a general practitioner, the graduate program (MA in Nursing) develops professional nurses for clinical specialization and the doctoral program (PhD in Nursing) produces nurse scientists.
The area of responsibility encompasses all existing clinical specializations, namely: Adult Health Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Nursing Administration and School Health Nursing.
The Head of the Teaching Program is selected, nominated and ultimately recommended for appointment by the Dean. Her role is that of an academic leader and administrator and her main function is to provide leadership in the planning, execution and monitoring, evaluation and coordination of matters/activities/projects pertaining to the program.

Two of the more important committees of the Teaching Program that have been created to assist in the implementation of all academic programs are the:

1. Committee on Undergraduate Studies—composed of the class advisers of the four BSN classes, the coordinators of the Foundations, Interventions and Intensive Nursing Experience courses.
2. Committee on Graduate Studies—made up of all faculty with doctoral degrees as well as the specialty coordinators in the masters program.