Research and Creative Writing Program

The Research and Creative Writing Program (RCWP) is responsible for all research and creative writing of the College, but its area of responsibility also extends to the conduct of research and research-related activities in direct or indirect support of the Teaching and Continuing Education and Community Services Program. Its Head is similarly chosen as in the other two programs. by faculty members whose preference is doing researches, RCWP provides the servicing support for the following functions:
1.Undertake individual and group research in nursing and health-related fields
2.Disseminate research findings through multi-media as well as scholarly local and international publications
3.Produce textbooks in nursing geared to Philippine needs and priorities in health care, utilizing mainly local studies as bases
4.Make recommendations regarding faculty members who are to go on research leave, on the basis of research proposals submitted
5.Identify available research grants and disseminate such information to the faculty
6.Serve as a clearing house for the research activities of the faculty
7.Explore mechanisms for translating research findings into practical applications
8.Formulate implementing guidelines for policies pertaining to research activities of the faculty adopted by the College Council.