BSN Students Goes Global

February 2016 - Four (4) BSN students went to Yokohama City University (Japan) for a cross-cultural program as well as to appreciate nursing education and practice in Japan. Asst. Prof. Jo Leah Flores also came as supervising faculty.
December 2015 - Two (2) BSN students visited Nagoya University (Japan) with their faculty Asst. .Prof. Arnold Peralta. This study visit is part of CN's ongoing collaboration with Nagoya University.
August 2015 - Nine (9) BSN students made two oral presentations on community health nursing at the 6th International Collaboration on Community Health Nursing Research Conference in Seoul, South Korea. Asst. Prof. Erwin William Leyva, who also did an oral presentation, accompanied the group.
June 2015 - Four (4) BSN students attended a course on critical care nursing at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing in Maryland. This was made possible through the efforts of Dean Patricia Davidson of JHU and Dean Lourdes Tejero of UPCN under the current MOU.